India Installing Advanced ‘Surveillance Systems’ Along Sensitive India-Pakistan Border

India will use the Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS) to trace intruders along the international border. India’s advanced surveillance system – CIBMS is already operational in some areas and would be completely operationalized along the India-Pakistan and India-Bangladesh border in the next six to seven years, says BSF’s official.

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BSF’s Additional Director General A K Sharma informed media about the use of advanced technology called the Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS) which can trace intruders if they try to enter the Indian territory. The Comprehensive Integrated Border Management is an integration of a number of new gadgets and technologies to secure electronic surveillance of borders.

The BSF’s Additional Director General, A K Sharma explained about the CIBMS project, saying “the work to install modern equipment in parts of India-Pakistan border in Jammu and some other areas have been completed, while it is in progress in the border areas adjoining Bangladesh”.

“The work on CIBMS project is going on continuously. Under this, some of the world’s best technologies are being used to keep a watch on the country’s borders,” Sharma said.

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The BSF’s personnel also informed that the project has been executed on a priority basis in sensitive areas like rivers, mountains, and trenches where conventional fences cannot be used.

“The CIBMS project can take six to seven years to complete. Under this project, a very strong technical mechanism is being put in place. This system will spot intruders if they try to enter our borders,” Sharma added.

In the early stages, the project is being implemented on 2,000 km-long sensitive stretches along the border with Pakistan and Bangladesh. The BSF’s additional director general was present on the occasion of BSF’s 49th Inter-Frontier Platoon Weapons Shooting Competition’s closing ceremony in Madhya Pradesh.