India Gets Its First National War Memorial To Celebrate Martyrdom

India’s first National War Memorial will be unveiled by Indian Prime Minister on February 25. The National War Memorial project was suggested by the Armed Forces of India.

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The National War Memorial has inscribed the names of all those who were martyred in the wars fought in Independent India. On February 25, the war memorial will be unveiled by Indian PM Modi.

The Defence Ministry will soon come up with a press release of the memorial established in the ‘C Hexagon’ of the India Gate circle in New Delhi. Indian Ministry of Defence officials said that the memorial should have complete six months but was delayed for multiple reasons.

In 2017, the construction work of the memorial was assigned by Chennai based firm WeBe after getting selected in the global design contest. The memorial is designed in a series of four concentric circles like the chakras. The memorial is consisting of various chakras like Tyaag Chakra with the two concentric circles inscribed with the names of approximately 22,000 war martyrs. Another is the Raksha Chakra which depicts the Param Vir Chakra winners. The Ministry of Defence said: “a monument the nation can be proud of.”

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