Is India Emerging as Intolerant, Fascist Nation Under PM Modi?

Is India becoming a dictatorial country under PM Modi? Lord Nazir Ahmed, a member of the British House thinks so. Lord Nazir said that India was coming up as an intolerant and fascist nation for backing the authoritarian group and also for suppressing the voice of people in Kashmiri during their movement for freedom.

The government of India and the army were on the same page to promote ‘Hindutva’ sentiment for pressing the freedom movement in India, including the core issue of Kashmir and other movements in India, Lord Nazir Ahmed said this while addressing a joint press conference along with Hurriyat leader Yaseen Malik’s wife Mishal Malik here.

Lord Nazir Ahmed denounced the Indian Army Chief’s threat and intolerant remarks against Pakistan, which would be harmful for peace in the South Asian region. He said that Pakistan must give a befitting reply to Indian Army Chief to realize them as Pakistan could respond to any foreign aggression to save their land.

He said that Indian political leadership should play a responsible role to resolve the matter through dialogue including the core issue of Kashmir. He stressed that Kashmiris wanted self-determination for protecting their basic human rights and wanted to live their life according to their own will.

Nazir said that Indian absolute and bigoted attitude threatened the world peace and there was a threat of war between the two nuclear states. He also added that now the United Nation (UN) must play the due role to settle the core issue of Kashmir.

He further said that the ruling party of India, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), including terrorist groups like Rashtriya Sawayamsevak Sangh (RSS) were promoting the ‘Hindutva’ doctrine to cruelty and religio-ethnic discrimination.

Lord Nazir said that India was giving one sided opinion and suppressing the point of view of people who are struggling for their freedom. He added that fascist were influencing the opinion in India and suppressing the intellectual voice. He said that few people in India want to create a war like situation and trying to harm the peace between two neighboring countries.

Lord Nazir hailed Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts for a new beginning with India by inviting Indian Prime Minister to start negotiation between the two countries on the core issues. He was of the view that Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi should raise the voice against Indian attitude in current scenario while being in Washington. He also condemned the Indian brutalities in Kashmir and search operation started by Indian Army in Indian Occupied Kashmir, where they raped the women in search operations.

Lord Nazir also condemned the Indian indiscriminate firing on Line of Control (LoC) which killed hundreds of innocent people on Pakistani region. He also proposed that Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan would appoint a Kashmiri individual as chairman of Special Kashmir Committee like Mishal Malik to highlight the Kashmir issue at international forums.

Mishal Malik said that the Indian government and Army are on the same page for damaging the right of self determination of Kashmiris. She condemned the Indian Army Chief threat to destroying peace in the region. “The Indians do not want peace in the region and not giving due right of freedom to Kashmiris”, she said.

Indian government should review their approach towards minorities and preserve their rights and accept them as Indian citizens.

She also suggested to Pakistan’s leadership for calling All Parties Conference (APC) on recent Indian attitude for not accepting Pakistan’s invitation for the talk to resolve the problems in a peaceful manner. Mishal condemned the Indian crimes and brutalities for crushing freedom struggle of Kasmiris. India has started a proxy war against Pakistan through Afghanistan for creating disturbance and interference in the internal matter of the country, she added.

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