India Counters Chinese Move; Deploys Over 10,000 Soldiers At The Disputed Border

Even after the five-point action plan by Indian EAM Jaishankar and Chinese FM Wang Yi signed in Moscow, the news of buildup from both sides has not seen an end yet. According to new reports, the PLA has deployed more than 10,000 troops along the LAC, mirrored by the Indians.

The reports suggest the new additions are being made at the southern bank of Pangong Tso, an area which has seen hot and aggressive maneuvers by the Indian Army recently.

Apart from the southern bank, its northern part even saw firing more than 100-200 rounds in the air as “warning shots” by both sides as intimidation early in September, reports say.

After the Galwan valley clash, Indian and PLA soldiers have clashed at multiple locations during late August and early September. The capture of the lofty peaks including Black Top and Helmet Top has resulted in the troops from both sides stationed just a few hundred meters apart near the Spanngur Gap- a dangerous situation that has revived the fears of past battles in both Indian and Chinese citizens.

The reports mention that the PLA soldiers tried to recapture one of the forward posts of the Indian Army, for which warning shots had to be fired in the air in order to halt and repel the Chinese advance. The move was copied by the PLA soldiers who also fired in the air.

In a statement given to Economic Times, a senior official explained, “While there have been no fresh incidents of transgression or standoff in the past week, there is considerable movement of PLA troops and equipment.”

“The increase in the number of friction areas has led to a lack of trust among the soldiers. The disengagement will depend upon the outcome of military-level talks that are expected to be held this week. Armed forces are on high alert and surveillance is at an all-time high. They will continue to occupy the high peaks until the disengagement talks are completed,” the official added.

However, the deployment of additional troops and equipment at the LAC has been mirrored by the Indians with an equal number of troop, armor, and air force deployment. The new consensus reached among the ministers in Moscow on September 10 shall lead to new rounds of talks among military and government officials to de-escalate, experts say.