After Doklam, India-China Conflict Possible Near the Arunachal Pradesh Border?

What is the story behind India-China Conflict near the Arunachal Pradesh Border? After months of volatile India-China relations during the Doklam conflict, the two nations were moving forward to avoid any possibility of India-China War. The fragile India-China relations have been shaken up once again by a report published in the South China Morning Post, which envisages possible India-China War near the Arunachal Border. What is this report and what does it hold for India-China relations? Analysis by EurAsian Times

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A Sunday report in the China Daily stated that China has started mining work, on a large scale, at a county on its side of the Line of Actual Control near the Arunachal Pradesh border. The report by the Daily stated: “This may create a new military flashpoint between India and China” & this is similar to what has happened in the South China Sea with other nations.”

Indian Media Reacts to India-China Conflict near Arunachal Pradesh Border

The report alarmed New Delhi and the Indian media reacted immediately, as usual. The people quoted in the report are a part of the project and this move to reclaim South Tibet made India and its media more agitated. However, Chinese authorities clarified that the no mention of reclaiming South Tibet was ever made.

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Additionally, the county where the mining operations are conducted lie entirely in China and is in no way a disputed land. The India-China relations have been disrupted by border disputes, but this mining near the Arunachal Pradesh border should not worry India.

India-China relations were weakened post the Doklam issue; however, the two nations have been working on building strategic ties and cooperation in the border areas. The recent Modi-Xi summit was a progressive step towards mutual trust and relationships. The report did shake up the ties but lack of facts and evidence were clear. Some people also believed that the author of the report was intentionally trying to break the building India-China relations.

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