Will Africa be the Battleground or Hub for India-China Collaboration?

Does Africa hold the key to a cordial future of the India-China relations? The increasing visits by the  Chinese President as well as the Indian Prime Minister to African nations clearly show their interest in a resource-rich Africa. Both India and China have close economic ties with Africa and now they look to further deepen it. Their common interests in Africa may not be seen as a tirade between the two but as a great opportunity for cooperation between the Asian giants.

Recently Xi Jinping toured Senegal, Rwanda, Uganda and South Africa speaking for China’s plans to reach out to the African nations. The Indian PM too was seen exchanging friendship and commitments with Rwanda, South Africa and Uganda. This shows India’s plans to deepen its anchors in Africa so as to have strategic partnerships with Africa which could be of great importance to both India and China.

But it is not necessary that we see this as being a fierce competition between the two. China’s economic cooperation with Africa lies in the fact that China provides Africa with technology and investment. India, on the other hand, provides human resources, vocational training and skill development to Africa.

In this scenario, rather being on two sides of a tug of war, India and China can sideline their rivalry and complement each other’s ambitions in Africa, says Chinese Global Times. Both aspire to emerge as the regional superpower, but outside Asia, they can be friends. This cooperation will bring mutual benefits to both the nations

Africa has a massive Indian diaspora and this is where India has an edge over China in terms of non-governmental relations. Africa’s size and its incessantly growing development needs provide a great opportunity to both India and China to explore the region together and share the benefits between them.

The Chinese Global Times suggests that both the nations should stop seeing a competitor in each other and rather look to work together in Africa, as the continent has so much to offer.

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