What does 2018 have in Store for India China Relations?

India China Relations saw some turbulent times in 2017; with more downs than ups, and more lows than highs! The Chinese claim on the Doklam issue pushed the India China relations to a war-like situation, creating the most critical situation between the 2 countries in fifty-five years! The India China relations were majorly disrupted because of 3 major contradictory strategies:

  1. China’s claim on the Doklam region led to a border dispute
  2. The issue in the Tibet region
  3. India recognizing the relationship between Pakistan and China as a threat

New Year, New India China Relations?

The rift between the two Asian countries is unlikely to be ‘forgiven and forgotten’ in 2018 and the only hope is the stronger management of the issues. Additionally, newer contradictions and differences are always tugging at the once friendly and mutual India China Relations. Issues in the past, such as the application sent by New Delhi in 2016 to be a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group was contradicted by Beijing. Furthermore, with India trying to make China stand down on the Tibet issue, and China trying to retaliate, the India China relations only seem to be weakening.

Is there a silver lining for the India China relations?

One one hand, it is easy o imagine the India China relations getting worse and weaker, because of the many issues at hand. On the other hand, with a more positive outlook, the India China relations could further strengthen as a result of effective and mutual communication between the two countries. New strategic controls could lead to a stronger bilateral relationship.

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With Prime Minister Narendra Modi, attending the BRICS summit in China and understanding the need for BRICS, and also recognizing China as one of the global political powers, it is clear that even though the India China relations may be at a critical state now, both countries do realize the common interests they share.

Both China and India have common global goals and a great scope to cooperate and achieve these goals together. While the year gone by may have disrupted the India China bilateral relations, let’s hope the two countries come to mutually agreeable terms and make 2018 the year for renewed and stronger India China relations.

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