China is Back in Doklam and India Is Doing Nothing About It: US

A US official stated that China had resumed its activities in Doklam and India seems to be doing nothing about it. After the longstanding Doklam Standoff between India and China last year, the US claimed that China has once again entered Doklam.  A top US official made these claims while comparing China’s intentions in the Himalayas to its manoeuvres in the disputed South China Sea. 

A matter concern for India: Top US Official

If the claims made by the top US official are anything to go by then we might see India and China at loggerheads of yet another military standoff between the two. The Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asia, Alice G Wells said that this is a matter of concern for India.

China has picked up territorial disputes in both the South China Sea and the East China Sea and has been aggressively increasing its military presence in these regions. While China claims the South China Sea, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei and Taiwan assert their sovereignty over the South China Sea.

Both the South China Sea and the East China Sea are regions with affluent in oil, natural gas and other minerals. China in recent times has built many artificial islands in these regions and has militarised them with its latest military strength.

Last year India and Bhutan were at a fierce military standoff with China in Doklam as China started building roads inside the Doklam region. The Doklam Standoff in 2017 lasted for 73 days which started after the Indian Army confronted the construction of a road in the area by the Chinese army. The US official said that although China backed down later, China has now quietly come back to Doklam and India and Bhutan are doing nothing about it.

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