India And Japan Face Anti-Dumping Duties From China

India and Japan will face Chinese anti-dumping duties for importing chemical called ortho-dichlorobenzene (ODCB). This regulation will come into effect from today.

The domestic industry will face substantial damages due to the dumping of these products, the Chinese Commerce Ministry announced on Tuesday. The decision came after anti-dumping investigations into the imports.

Significantly, the anti-dumping duties announcement corresponded with the trade talks between visiting Commerce Secretary Anup Wadhawan and Chinese Vice Commerce Minister Wang Shouwen.

The two sides also held a detailed discussion on the widening trade deficit which last year climbed to USD 57.86 billion in the total USD 95.54 total bilateral trade. From Wednesday, duties will be negotiated at rates varying from 31.9 per cent to 70.4 per cent for a five-year period, the Chinese Commerce Ministry said, state-run Xinhua news agency published.

After receiving complaints from the domestic industry, the ministry launched the anti-dumping investigations in January 2018, and a preceding decision was unveiled in October 2018. ODCB, frequently used for manufacturing chemical products like pesticides, medicine, and dyes.

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