Imran Khan Urges United Nations To Punish India Over Use Cluster Bombs In Kashmir

Pakistan PM Imran Khan strongly denounced India’s use of cluster munitions across the Line of Control (LoC) and urged the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to ‘take note of this international threat to peace and security’.

Panic Grips Pakistan, Kashmir Valley After India Builds-Up Military Presence in Jammu and Kashmir

In a series of tweets, Khan said India’s use of cluster munitions was in violation of global humanitarian laws and New Delhi’s commitments under the 1983 Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons.

Signalling that the prevailing situation “has the potential to blow up into a regional crisis”, Khan said now was the suitable time for progress to be made on US President Donald Trump’s recent offers of mediation between Pakistan and India.

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He said the situation in Jammu and Kashmir and along the LoC was worsening due to the “new aggressive actions being taken by Indian forces”. Khan called for efforts to “end the long night of suffering for the people of Kashmir” by exercising their right to self- determination according to UNSC resolutions.”

“The only road to peace & security in South Asia runs through a peaceful & just settlement of Kashmir,” said the PM.

Khan’s comments came a day after Pakistan blamed Indian forces of using cluster munitions on civilian population along the LoC, in violation of international humanitarian laws and the Geneva Convention.

Pakistan Blames, India Rejects Using ‘Cluster Bombs’ On Civilians In Violation Of Geneva Treaty

The Indian Army slammed the claims as “lies deceit and deception” from Pakistan that accused New Delhi of using cluster bombs against civilians in Kashmir.

Indian Army Responded: Such responses are only against military targets & infiltrating terrorists who are aided by the Pakistan Army. Allegations of the firing of cluster bombs by India is yet another Pakistan’s lie, deceit & deception.