After Katrina, Harvey Creates Havoc in the United States

Hurricane Harvey: The second day of the disaster in Texas became a living embodiment of the catastrophic scenario of the situation. Incessant downpours, flooding, flooding, people in inflatable boats on city streets, desperate attempts to organize temporary accommodation centers for a growing number of homeless and gradually escalating chaos – all became a reality on Sunday, recalling the monstrous picture of the devastation left in New Orleans after the hurricane the fifth category Katrina in 2005.

The number of flooded and destroyed houses, evacuated people, judging by the silence of the state authorities, can not be counted. Therefore, the ever-increasing definition of “catastrophe” does not seem to be an exaggeration.

“What is happening is simply unprecedented, all its consequences are unknown and go beyond what we carried earlier,” the National Meteorological Service said on Twitter on Sunday, recommending that, for want of a better option, simply “follow the orders of officials for personal security.”

As Governor of Texas Greg Abbott said, the state has blocked traffic on about 250 highways. “Now in the state of Texas, more than 250 highways and local roads have been blocked,” he said, noting that the tracks are closed in areas most prone to flooding. To assist the victims and their evacuation, about 3 thousand US National Guard servicemen with ground and air equipment were involved.

Hurricane Harvey Test for Houston

Mayor of Houston Sylvester Turner announced the closure of most major highways and roads, because they “became non-public.” He recommended that residents whose lives are in danger, refrain from calling to the number of the rescue service 911, so as not to overload the operators in vain.

From the population of Houston and its suburbs for 911 received more than 2 thousand calls. Rescue services came to the aid of more than 3 thousand people. Hurricane Harvey which passedon Saturday to a tropical storm was perhaps the first test of this magnitude in modern history for the people of Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States.

Hurricane Harvey Causes $40B in Damages

Hurricane Harvey in the worst-case scenario could destroy more than 200,000 homes in Texas, for the full restoration of which would require $ 39.6 billion. Such calculations led the analytical company CoreLogic, specializing in the US real estate market.

The calculations, which were broadcasted by CNN, are based on a scenario in which Harvey’s capacity reaches the third category out of five. The element threatened to demolish the 232 721 building in the five most populous areas of the state, including Corpus Christi and Houston with the suburbs.