How Donald Trump “Shell-Shocked” Key Allies – India and Israel Simultaneously?

India and Israel has been strong allies of the US, but Donald Trump did not too long to astound both the key US allies. Both India and Israel were left shell-shocked when President announced new revision of foreign policy in Syria and Afghanistan. A EurAsian Times analysis.

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As EurAsian Times reported earlier, Donald Trump abdruptly announced the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria to the surprise of everyone, especially Israel. Trump on the other hand also expressed his displeasure at the U.S.’s continued involvement in Afghanistan, which stumped India.

The withdrawl of US from Syria stunned the Israelis, who fear Tehran’s growing influence in the region. According to a “senior Israeli source” cited by local news outlet Ynet, Donald Trump’s declaration displayed “he isn’t paying attention to the evidence provided by the intelligence services.”

Trump’s assertion is particularly surprising given that he has made opposition to Iran one of the pillars of his Middle East policy, which involves providing support to Iran’s regional rivals, such as Saudi Arabia and Israel. The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, pleaded the White House to slow down the withdrawal.

Meanwhile, the Donald Trump also addressed the U.S.’s continued presence in Afghanistan, complaining about its expenses and purpose. Trump said countries from that region, including India, Russia and Pakistan should be fighting the Taliban instead and asked India to play a greater role.

Donald Trump said –  “I get along very well with India and Prime Minister Modi. But he is constantly telling me, he built a library in Afghanistan. Library! That’s like five hours of what we spend [in Afghanistan.”

With these two decision i.e. withdrawal of US Troops from Syria and Afghanistan, the US Government cornered both strategic allies of Washington i.e. India and Israel. While Israel has managed to slow down the withdrawal of US troops from Syria (to about 4 months) India on the other hand is reportedly negotiating with US on the future of Afghanistan.

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