Houthis Attack Saudi Arabia While Recommitting To Peace On 6th Anniversary of Yemen Crisis

Houthis have marked the sixth anniversary of the Yemen war with a large-scale attack on Saudi Arabia, while simultaneously noting that they continue talks with the United Nations, the United States and Riyadh under Oman mediation.

Six years ago, on March 26, a Saudi-led coalition launched an operation to support Yemeni government forces in the conflict with Houthi rebels.

Houthi military spokesperson Yahya Saria told Al Almasirah channel on Friday that the Shia movement conducted a large operation against Saudi Arabia, which involved 18 drones and eight ballistic missiles.

According to Saria, oil company Saudi Aramco was hit with 12 drones and eight missiles, while the rest of the drones struck the kingdom’s military targets, including the King Abdulaziz Air Base in the eastern city of Dammam.

He threatened Saudi Arabia with more intense shelling in the near future unless Riyadh ended military operations against the Houthis and lifted its blockade on northern Yemen.

Separately, another Houthi spokesperson confirmed that talks are ongoing to resolve the years-long conflict.

“We continue to hold talks with US and UN special envoys for Yemen, as well as the Saudi side through Oman’s mediation. The discussion includes humanitarian aspects, an end to the war and political dialogue,” the Houthi representative said.

Saudi Arabia on Monday proposed a widespread UN-sponsored ceasefire in Yemen, noting that it was now awaiting a response from the Houthi movement. On Thursday, the country said that a projectile fired by Houthi rebels had caused a fire at an oil terminal in the port city of Jazan.