Has Amazon Deleted Negative Comments on Hillary Clinton’s New Book?

The largest online store in the US, Amazon, has removed negative reviews about the memoirs of ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “What happened.” This was noticed on Wednesday by tThe Washington Times.

According to sources, the company’s management began to systematically eliminate many reviews about the book with an estimate of one of five stars. Single star users of the site usually reward products that do not meet expectations or do not meet the declared quality. At the moment, the overall rating of the book, which is equal to the average rating of buyers, is 4.8 out of 5, which actually demonstrates the unanimous approval of the book.

The fact that the store removes negative reviews, confirmed the publication of Fortune and in the company itself. “We do not decide what customers consider useful or not, but we have mechanisms that ensure that the majority opinion will not drown in the opinions of only a few.” We delete customer references that violate the principles of our community, “he added.

As you know, the founder of Amazon and the owner of the newspaper The Washington Post,  multibillionaire Jeff Bezos adheres to liberal views and has already criticized the actions of the current administration of Donald Trump. In particular, back in January, Bezos declared his readiness to support a lawsuit filed in the state of Washington against the orders of Trump to limit immigration. One of the most influential publications in the US The Washington Post in most of its materials criticizes the policy of Trump and Republicans.

In his memoirs, which went on sale on September 12, the ex-secretary of state talks about his election campaign and defeat at last year’s presidential elections. She also talks about her mistakes and shares her impressions of the election campaign against Trump.