Hezbollah, Iranian Republic Guards will stay in Syria

Hezbollah and the soldiers and advisers of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) will continue to play “an active role in maintaining a long-lasting cessation of hostilities” in Syria. This was announced on Thursday, November 23, by the commander of the IRGC Brig. General Mohammad Ali Jafari.

Israel, Saudi Arabia Celebrate Dismantling of Iran Nuclear Deal

Regional tensions in the Middle East have escalated off late between Sunni monarchy Saudi Arabia and Shia Iran, whose rivalry has wrecked havoc in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Bahrain. Saudi Arabia has denounced Iran-backed Hezbollah for helping Houthi rebels in Yemen and launching a ballistic missile on Saudi Arabia.

Hezbollah will not be Disarmed

At the same time, the commander of the elite troops of Iran rejected the demands of some forces in the Middle East on the disarmament of the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah and the immediate expulsion of his fighters from Syria.

Are Saudi-Israel Boosting Relations to Counter Iran?

“Hezbollah should be armed to fight the enemy of the Lebanese people, which is Israel. In fact, they must have the best weapons to ensure the security of Lebanon, “the Iranian military leader said.

Earlier, the head of the Saudi Foreign Ministry called the Hezbollah as a source of destabilization in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East. The largest Arab monarchy maintains that Hezbollah’s actions continue to interfere in the internal affairs of other Arab countries and contribute to the deterioration of the situation in Lebanon through their policies.