People Reject Extremist Hafiz Saeed; Democracy, Peace Wins in Pakistan

Pakistan election results saw Hafiz Saeed’s political ambitions fall flat on their face. Hafiz Saeed is a globally designated terrorist who is the main accused in the 26/11 terror attacks that wrecked Mumbai. His militant organisation Jamat Ud Dawah is a UN-designated terror outfit. Hafiz Saeed’s Allah-O-Akbar Tareek did not even win a single seat and this shows that the people of Pakistan stand for peace and not for extremism. 

In these elections which were marred by paramount violence and several blasts, a lot of radical Islamist faces were running for power and all of them won nothing. The entire world looked up to the elections in Pakistan for it feared that militants like Hafiz Saeed might rise to power in Pakistan for banned terrorists were freely contesting the elections. But the people of Pakistan pacified all global concerns by standing for peace and keeping the faces of extremism away from enjoying any power.

Cricketer turned politician Imran Khan who was at the helm of PTI emerged as the face of change as his party managed 110 seats. Other parties including the Pakistan Muslim League which got voted out of power are crying foul. Some even say that he is a dummy candidate of the Pakistan Army and will be vouching for the interests of the Army. All said and done he is not much far away from being the next Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The international community had expressed serious concerns over terrorists and extremists contesting in the general elections. The foreign media termed these elections as being the most controversial in the history of Pakistan and feared that democracy might become obsolete in Pakistan.

The people of Pakistan have voted for change and they have refused to back any extremists and militants who wanted to substantiate their intentions by gaining political power. More than any political party this is a win of the people of Pakistan.

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