Google “will stop scanning” Email Messages

Google has always scanned the content of the free email service users to decide what type of ads to show to them. Google on Friday announced that it will stop scanning” email messages for which it was criticized. by end of the year.

Google senior vice president Diane Greece that this will eliminate the Google e-mail service business users of privacy concerns. She said that Google would only scan for the content of the free service user message, and never scan the message of the commercial paid user, but she revealed that many paying users were not sure of the difference between the two.

Google’s system will change to other user information to decide what type of ads to show to users, including online search history, YouTube browsing history. Google’s statement states that users of free email service can change the display ad settings at any time, including asking the system not to use their online records to decide which ads to show to them.

Google scans user e-mail content of the practice has always attracted criticism, that will violate user privacy. In 2014, there were reports that this approach can violate the United States to protect personal privacy laws, Google immediately announced that it would stop scanning any use of Google e-mail service, but will still scan the general user Send and receive email.

In the same year, Google reported to the US police that it found a user through the e-mail scanning system, pictures of child abuse. According to the information provided by Google, the police later arrested the man.

It was not surprising that Google was able to detect messages sent and received by e-mail, but that the case would cause Google Email users to be curious and would like to know when Google would take the initiative to email to take action.