Galwan Valley Clash: Has China denied burial permission to family of dead PLA soldiers?

China has been pressing the family members of its soldiers killed in Galwan Valey clash not to hold funeral ceremonies. Indian news agency – IANS quoted a US intelligence report from Breitbart News and USNews.

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The US intelligence report claims that China is not accepting that its soldiers have been killed in the recent border clash with the Indian soldiers at Galwan Valley to conceal the incident and present a tough image to the outside world, reported IANS.

The Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs reportedly told the family members of those who killed in the Galwan Valley clash that they must abandon conventional burial services and instead cremate the soldiers.  Any funeral services of the killed soldiers should be held remotely and not in person, the US news reported.

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Before claiming that Beijing is using the COVID-19 pandemic as a pretence to implement the order, the media report added that the new rules are a part of a judicious attempt by China to undermine public awareness and delete any reminders of the violent clash at Galwan, said IANS.

According to US-based Breitbart News, the bereaving families in China are upset over Beijing’s order and using social media platforms to vent their anger against President Xi Jinping. China, as per experts, fears that images of burials of its killed soldiers could incite public sentiments and spoil the reputation of the communist party.

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According to experts talking to the EurAsian Times, the official figures of Chinese PLA soldiers killed in border conflict may never come out. Indian media claims that 45 Chinese soldiers were killed in the Galwan Valley conflict, an assertion rejected by Bejing as ‘Fake News’.

Additionally, experts also questioned that the India-China border clash happened on 15th June and its almost a month. Why are burial ceremonies being held so late? There are no clear answers and do not expect to get one, as Beijing has very tight control over its media and it’s very difficult for a concrete, reliable report to come out and mere speculations have no value.

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