After Geneva and London, Free Balochistan Ad’s Appear in New York

After the European cities of Geneva and London, Free Balochistan adverts have started to appear on yellow cabs in New York. The biggest questions which disturb the Pakistani authorities is who is sponsoring the Free Balochistan campaigns?

Who is Funding the Free Balochistan Campaigns?

“The Free Balochistan Campaign in New York has started with more than 100 taxis carrying adverts with the slogan, #Free Balochistan which emphasizes the human rights abuses by Pakistan on the people of Balochistan.

Pakistan had vociferously condemned and protested against similar campaigns in the London and Swiss city of Geneva. The Foreign Office of Pakistan termed the anti-Pakistan adverts a blatant attack on Pakistan’s national integrity and sovereignty.

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According to Pakistani authorities, Ghazain Marri, the brother of Hyrbyair Marri and slain Baloch Liberation Army militant Balach Marri, ended his 18-year self-exile and surrendered to security agencies in Pakistan.

Earlier, Transport for London said that Free Balochistan advertisements put up by a human rights organization should be removed from black-cabs in London. The progress follows an endeavor by the Pakistani government to have the Free Balochistan advertisements removed.

The World Baloch Organisation, which promotes for rights of the Balochs who live in the Balochistan regions of Pakistan and neighboring countries of Iran and Afghanistan launched an aggressive and controversial campaign on London’s iconic black cabs featuring the message of Free Balochistan.

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The World Baloch Organization said the Pakistani government has put immense pressure on the British Foreign Office and Transport for London (which manages the black-cabs) to remove the advertisements. The #FreeBalochistan adverts, which also carry slogans saying “Stop Enforced Disappearances” and “Save the Baloch People”, commenced as part of a drive to propel awareness about the atrocities committed by the Pakistan government on people of Balochistan.