Forget War, India Would Be Unable To Even Sustain A ‘Trade War’ With China – Experts

India-China clashes could erupt in a full-scale war and tensions are mounting along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Experts in China claim that leave asides a war, India would be ineffective of even starting a trade war with China and a recent locust attack has made that point even clearer.

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The Chinese state media quoting the Indian media reports writes – the worst locust attack in decades has hit India and may lead to starvation, with many seasonal crops damaged. Even the Indian capital, New Delhi and IT hub Gurgaon are on high alert after huge swarms of desert locusts swept region.

Given the impact of similar locust attacks in the past this locust plague, which is more dangerous than anticipated and demands great efforts to control, will end up causing massive economic and agricultural damages to India.

The locust attack is not the only threat facing the Indian economy. GT says that do not forget COVID-19 pandemic which appears to have been out of control, has already had a disastrous impact on the nation.

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Over the past months, almost all of the major rating agencies have lowered India’s sovereign rating to the lowest investment grade, while lowering its outlook to negative due to the downside risks of COVID-19.

GT claims that to add insult to injury, the locust plague may punch another massive blow to the Indian economy, which may also lead to the degeneration of its other social problems, such as poverty and wealth inequality in the country.

Under these situations, even if some in India are still calling for tough economic actions against Beijing by ostracising Chinese products and investment, there is no denying that New Delhi is actually incompetent of waging a trade war with China, the GT claims.

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GT further writes that it is disturbing for us to see India’s poor struggle under the calamitous consequences of the coronavirus lockdown, a heatwave and now a locust attack. We still hope India-China tensions can be calmed down, permitting Beijing to offer some assistance to ‘cornered’ India.

After all, no one wants to have too many conflicts with their neighbour and the recent border clash is not what either nation wants to see.

We also recognise that some Indians have a great sense of national pride, but it should be noted that both sides have suffered casualties in the border clash in the Galwan Valley, and it is time to de-escalate, instead of flaring-up national sentiments and make things worse.

The Bravery Of Bihar Regiment Soldiers At Galwan Valley Against China’s PLA Troops Goes Viral

GT finally says that some anti-China Indian politicians are now attempting to mislead public attention from domestic issues by using the nationalist sentiment to hype up a tough stance toward China. But they overlook the fact that the Indian economy cannot afford such outbreaks of nationalist pride, which will only see its economy and people suffer more.

Anyone in India that is practical needs to acknowledge that its economy cannot sustain economic encounter with any other country at the moment.