Is Modi Government Planning To Buy Mirage 2000 From France?

Mirage-2000 fighter jet, which once formed the backbone of Indian air force (IAF), might get to see more inclusions in the IAF. India is planning to purchase two Mirage-2000 jets from France at throw away price. The two aircraft would be later upgraded to the highest standards by the HAL, according to a report in Indian Media.

France via Dassault Aviation is offering the planes at Euro 2 million per aircraft (approximately INR 16 cr) and the cost of transporting the jets to India would be additional one million Euros. So, at Euro three million (approx Rs 24 crore), India will get two aircraft with a life of 3,000 hours left in them, government sources told Indian Media.

The aircraft would also help in utilising the upgrade kits that had been ordered during the Mirage 2000 upgrade contract with France. India had a fleet of 51 Mirages but the number came down to 49 after the loss of two planes in 2012-13. The two Mirages coming from France would help in making up the fleet back up to 51.

India is also buying a fleet of 32 Jaguar aircraft, which are supposed to be used as spares to support the current fleet of Jaguar fighters operated by India. The 100 Jaguar aircraft strong fleet would also help in maintaining force levels and tackle the delay in obtaining jets beyond the 4 plus generation fighter aircraft such as Rafale due to the opposition hindering the decision-making.

Dassault Aviation already has sent its proposal for IAF’s Tender for 110 fighter jets and have also responded to Indian Navy’s requirement for 57 carriers based fighter jet. First Rafale fighter jet is currently going through integration in France and Indian engineers are currently undergoing training in France to induct the fighter jet in September 2019.

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