Secrets Of 5th Generation F-35 Strike Fighter Jets Leaked On Tinder?

Sensitive information pertaining to F-35 fighter jets of the UK Royal Air Force was leaked by hackers. The UK Royal Air Force admitted that secrets about the F-35 stealth fighter jets were stolen by hackers who hacked into the online dating profile of an airwoman. The so-called honeytrap attacks have raised alarms among the forces and personnel have been asked to be cautious about such incidents in future. 

After hacking into the online dating account of an air force personnel, the hacker tried to befriend another lady of the air force on Tinder. The perpetrator then tried to extract some information about the fifth generation fighter jets of the UK Royal Air Force. The RAF confirmed the news of a potential leak of sensitive information through Tinder.

This incident came to light only a few weeks after the first fleet of the American F-35 fighter jets were delivered to Britain. Initial investigations hinted at a foreign hand behind this attempt to leak sensitive information, but the origin of the perpetrators is still not known.

The F-35 strike fighter jets project is the most expensive weapons project with a whopping cost of about $1.3 trillion. Britain has signed an agreement with the US to purchase 48 F-35 stealth fighter jets by 2025. Britan will procure a total of 138 F-35 strike fighter jets in the long run as reported by PressTV.

Software bugs and fugitive designs have delayed the deliveries of the F-35 fighter jets along with budget constraints to purchase the costly stealth fighter jets. A lot of nations have raised concerns about the hefty price of the F-35 strike fighter jets.

After this incident, the UK military is now concerned about the non-state actors and the hostile states targeting the United Kingdom. It has warned its personnel from such risks of social engineering and online reconnaissance.

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