EX-RAW Officer Accuses Former Vice President Hamid Ansari Of Endangering Lives of RAW Agents in Iran

Former Vice President Hamid Ansari has come under scrutiny with allegation levelled against him by retired officers of RAW (Indian secret service agency).

An ex-Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) officer NK Sood has suggested that the former Vice President of India had a crucial hand in the exposure of many field agents in the Tehran setup. This had left the lives of these agents in grave danger.

The former agent tweeted saying:

“I was in Tehran; Iran. Hamid Ansari was the ambassador in Tehran. Ansari had played a crucial role in exposing RAW set-up in Tehran endangering lives of RAW unit members. But this very man was made Vice President for two consecutive terms.”

There has been a reasonable amount of response on this tweet which is seen as an attempt to defame Ansari. The tweet has currently found more than 7000 retweets and upwards of 10,000 likes. It had caught the attention of Subramanium Swamy, BJP MP in the Rajya Sabha who commented on the tweet saying: “Ansari was Communist’s candidate and UPA backed him”

hamid ansari

There have been vehement claims of his incapacity to fulfil the role of Ambassador during Hamid’s Iran tenure. Sood has asked the Prime Minister to take strict action against the “anti-national”. Sood has also called for a detailed enquiry into the Ansari’s activities during the Tehran tenure and the latter’s damage to RAW.

Hamid Ansari served as a diplomat in Iraq, Morocco, Belgium and Saudi Arabia. He joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1961 with various stints as Indian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Australia, Afghanistan and Iran. After the Iran posting, he was adjudged the Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations (1993-1995). He served as the Vice President of India from 2007-2017.