European 5th Generation NGF Fighter Jet To Be Equipped With Stealth Missiles: Reports

The European Next Generation Jet or NGF Fighter Jet which Germany, Spain and France are co-developing, will get advanced low-signature missiles, a source in Europe’s largest missile armament developer MBDA Group told TASS at the Paris Air Show.

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“As part of the French-British program for creating new-generation cruise and anti-ship missiles, work is underway to develop two new types of missile armament for the NGF fighter jet. The relevant research and work have already been launched,” the source said

The NGF Fighter Jet will get a low-signature missile for hitting camouflaged and vital protected targets and a standard cruise missile for striking all types of ground and surface naval targets, the source said.

“Both types are expected to enter service in the 2030s,” the source said. As the MBDA representative noted, the NGF aircraft will also get the Spear-3 80kg select precision bomb, which the MBDA’s UK division is developing for F-35 Lightning II and Eurofighter Typhoon combat planes, and also SmartGlider and SmartCruiser air-launched bombs.

The European 5th-generation NGF fighter was unveiled at the Le Bourget air show on Monday. The advanced fighter is being developed by three European countries – Germany, Spain and France while the French Dassault Aviation and the European Airbus Group have been selected as the project’s chief contractors. The NGF is expected to enter service in the 2040s.

The Le Bourget air show opened on June 17 and will run through June 23.