EU Parliament Members Call For Sanctions On India Over Human Rights Violations In Kashmir

Members of the European Union (EU) Parliament have called for trade and travel ban on India over the distressing human rights situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Earlier on August 5, the Indian Government led by PM Narendra Modi had removed the constitutional autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir and imposed a curfew and communication blockade in the valley to curb violent protests.

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According to reports, the Co-Chair of the Friends of Kashmir Group in the EU parliament, Richard Corbett, called for employing all possible means to pressurize New Delhi to relieve the curfew in the volatile region.

Corbett proposed the imposition of trade sanctions on India and constraints on the travel of those involved in committing human rights violations and acts of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Corbett was speaking to a conference jointly organized by Friends of Kashmir Group in the European Parliament and the Jammu-Kashmir Self-Determination Movement at the European Parliament in Brussels.

The Friends of Kashmir group also proposed that a resolution be presented in the EU regarding the situation in the occupied valley. Last month, members of this group had visited Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

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They urged the Indian government to provide unrestricted access to Jammu and Kashmir so as to independently verify claims about lack of food, medicines and other items in the Kashmir valley.

Those who spoke at the conference on Jammu and Kashmir included Anthea McIntyre, Shaffaq Mohammed, John Howarth, Irena Von Weise, Theresa Griffin and Raja Najabat Hussain.