US, EU Concerned over Participation of Terrorists in Pakistan Elections

Elections in Pakistan which will get underway on July 25 are being termed as the ‘dirtiest elections in Pakistan ever’ by the foreign media. A massive drama has incessantly surrounded the election mood in Pakistan and the campaigns have been hit hard by suicide bombings and protests. The US has expressed serious concerns over the participation of several LeT affiliated men in the upcoming Pakistan elections. 

While the European Union urged Pakistan to ensure a safe and secure conduct of elections, the US expressed grave concerns over the participation of people related to several terror outfits primarily LeT.

In the run to power in Pakistan, individuals from banned terror organisations are openly participating in elections by joining hands with several political entities and this is something that has raised concerns across the international community.

The US State Department in a statement as reported by The Dawn said that it has expressed its concerns to Islamabad over the issue. Hafeez Sayeed, the main accused in the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai has fielded more than 100 candidates under the name of the political party called the Allahu Akbar Tehreek. His supporters and his men are participating in the elections in large numbers.

Pakistan Election Commission had disqualified the Milli Muslim League related to Hafeez Sayeed led JUD citing its links with LeT. But Hafeez Sayeed then fielded his candidates in the name of a dormant political party called the Allahu Akbar Tehreek. The US State Department also took cognizance of these developments in the run to Pakistan elections.

EU Expressed Concerns Too

It is not just the US which has shown concerns about elections in Pakistan, but the European Union (EU) too has expressed serious concerns over the conduct of elections in Pakistan. The EU conveyed to Pakistan that it must undertake all the necessary steps in order to ensure that the electoral activities in Pakistan take place in a safe and secure atmosphere.

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