Why did Donald Trump Slam Germany at The NATO Summit?

Donald Trump’s statements on the opening day of the NATO summit hit the US-Germany relations severely. Donald Trump, during the ongoing NATO summit, said that Germany is under the total control of Russia and as good as being a captive to the Russians. The US President described the relationship between Germany and Russia as being inappropriate.

As reported by The Guardian, Donald Trump called Germany as a captive of the Russians given its massive dependence on energy. He then accused the former German government officials of working for Russian energy companies and said that this is highly inept.

Donald Trump complained that it is sad that Germany is making big oil and gas deals with Russia. He said that the US has always guarded Germany against Russia but Germany rather pays millions of dollars to Russia under the mammoth oil and gas deals between Germany and Russia. Not just Germany but the US President slammed every other nation which is protected by the US and yet makes pipeline deals with Russia.

Germany under Russian Control: Donald Trump

Donald Trump further slammed Germany for being totally under the control of Russia. He said that Germany is procuring 60-70% of its energy requirements from Russia and hence it is a captive of Russia. He said that such an arrangement between Germany and Russia should have never been allowed to happen in the first place.

Trump keen to see Angela Markel replaced as the German Leader?

According to the US media, Donald Trump is keen to see Angela Merkel be replaced as the leader of Germany. His strategy of slamming Merkel and targeting her is perhaps a part of undermining her. Her political position in Germany is already vulnerable and Donald Trump seems to be hitting the hot iron. Now how Donald Trump acts in the following days of the NATO summit remains to be seen.


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