Did Pakistan Minister “Accidentally” Admit Indian Surgical Strikes on Pakistan?

Did Pakistani minister accidentally admit the Indian Surgical Strikes on Pakistan? According to a news report in Indian TOI, the ruling BJP dubbed as an “admission of self-guilt” a Pakistani minister’s claim that the Modi government can carry out another surgical strike against Pakistan.

Cunning “Ajit Doval” Behind Fabricated Surgical Strikes on Pakistan: Pak Media

BJP spokesperson Nalin Kohli’s sharp retort came following Pakistan railways minister and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s close aide Sheikh Rashid’s comments at a press conference in Lahore that Prime Minister Modi can order such an attack for “political gains” ahead of the 2019 elections.

“2019 is very important for Pakistan. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BJP has lost elections in five states in his country. To appease his far-right constituents before the next general election in 2019, Modi can order surgical strikes in Pakistan. This is what I am seeing to happen,” Rashid said.

Hitting back, Kohli said the Pakistani government and its functionaries seems obsessed with India despite being elected on an agenda of making a new Pakistan.

“The statement should be seen as an admission of self-guilt by the Pakistani establishment that terrorist camps are obviously not only still existing but active and therefore puts an acceptance at their end that India does have a right to protect its borders and security,” the BJP leader said.

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