Despite US-Iran Tensions, India To Aggressively Work On Chabahar Port Project With Iran

Despite simmering tensions between the US and Iran, India is working to enhance trade relations with Iran. One of the vital projects that Iran and India are working on is the development of the strategic Chabahar port, which has managed to avoid US sanctions.

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S Jaishankar, Indian external affairs minister co-chaired the 19th Joint Commission meeting in Tehran in the last week of December. He informed the Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, about the meeting’s conclusion.

He further informed him about the development of bilateral relations and Chabahar port. They also discussed developing the Zahedan railway line and connecting it to Iran’s national Highway. Rouhani said that the project would provide a convenient route for transportation and revolutionize the regional trade.

Iran, India and Afghanistan signed a pact to develop Chabahar port in May 2016. The port will facilitate transportation among the three countries and assist India in bypassing Pakistan to connect with Afghanistan.

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Additionally, it will also provide a gateway between the Indian subcontinent, Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia, and Europe. while also rivalling Chinese-Pakistan Gwadar Port.

“The Chabahar Port commenced operations in December 2018. Since then, we have had as many as 4,500 containers moving from India through Chabahar. Almost half a million tonne of cargo has transitted since the port was inaugurated,” Raveesh Kumar had earlier stated.