China, Russia Developing Electromagnetic Bombs Which Can Exterminate The Mankind: Reports

The U.S. congressional study titled “Nuclear EMP Attack Scenarios and Combined-arms Cyber Warfare” says that China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are developing deadly weapons that might not only kill people directly but can also endanger the life-sustaining environment of the earth.

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The newly released study is written by Dr.Peter Vincent, an expert on national and homeland security working with U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum, a congressional advisory board. The study was available for public access in July 2018 by the U.S. Department of Defence.

The EMP bombs also referred to as the sixth generation weapons can cause strong gamma rays or other radiation that spread into the atmosphere within seconds. Every Nuclear weapon generates electromagnetic pulses called EMP.

The oxygen and nitrogen atoms collide with the radiation waves in the air to generate a strong electromagnetic pulse. The EMP pulses can harm all electrical equipment within the radius of the bomb. The study says that a super-EMP bomb known as a nuclear EMP causes a nuclear explosion with the help of electromagnetic radiation.

According to the congressional, study, an EMP bomb causes dangerous effects within its entire field. That’s why a scenario in which such bombs are deployed, termed as “blackout warfare” by U.S. analyst. It’s not necessary to drop an EMP bomb with accuracy as the field coverage is so vast. An EMP bomb detonated at 30 kilometers has a radius on the ground of about 600 kilometers. The detonated EMP generate a catastrophic effect causing damage to electric grids, computing systems, and electronic systems including the military and critical infrastructures such as telecom networks, fuel pipelines, banks, and sanitation systems.

The study predicted that impact of EMP-induced industrial accidents can cause explosions and extensive fires. The toxic clouds formed due to the explosion of chemical plants can polluted air, water, and earth. Hence, without pure air and water, people will not be able to survive for long.
The study says: “In one year, as some EMP experts have warned for over a decade, 9 of 10 Americans are dead from starvation, disease, and societal collapse”. It would be an unimaginable situation when a nuclear aggressor will deploy EMP bombs: Russia striking Europe; China targeting Taiwan; Iran targeting the Middle East, and North Korea targeting Japan.

The study emphasised saying, “totalitarian and authoritarian” powers have started production of powerful EMP bombs and there is no estimated timeline for completion of these deadly weapons.

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