India Planing an Attack on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC Project)?

Is India planning an attack on the CPEC Project? Pakistan’s Interior Ministry claims that India has plans of attacking its ongoing project with China – the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC Project). Pakistan daily Dawn on Monday reported that the ministry has written to the Home Department issuing directives to make arrangements to protect the project against any possible ‘terrorist attack’ by India on the CPEC Project route.

Want Foolproof Security Measures To Protect CPEC Project – Pak

A representative official from the home department has said that Pakistan’s internal ministry claims of India having sent 400 Muslim youths to Afghanistan, in order to have them trained to carry out the said attacks. The ministry has further issued directives for ‘foolproof’ security measures along the CPEC Project route including the bridges at Karakoram Highway and other crucial points. The Gilgit-Baltistan government has increased security at over twenty-four bridges on the Karakoram Highway between Khunjerab Pass and Diamer district. The movements of all foreigners in the region would be monitored while their documents will be thoroughly verified by the police officials.

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The letter from the internal ministry has further demanded that the police in the region in question be put on high alert. It added that there must be thorough combing operations in the region along with checking at each point, hotel and guest houses in the area to track the youth, allegedly sent by India. The internal ministry has demanded that the orders must be taken strictly and there must be no loopholes in the security maintained.

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CPEC Project – A Hot Topic Of Debate Between India & China

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC Project) is currently the biggest project being undertaken in the Pak territory and has since long been under the scrutiny of the world. The billion dollar project has also caused massive friction between neighbours, India and China, as the former nation has raised strong objections over the route of the CPEC Project, as it passes through PoK.

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