Commonwealth Games 2018: Australia Deploys F-18 Fighter Jets for the CWG Games

The opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games (CWG Games 2018), to be held in Queensland, Australia has become the biggest security event the town has ever seen. Thousands of security forces and troops have been deployed in Queensland for the Commonwealth Games. But why has Australia deployed F-18 Fighter jets for the security of CWG Games 2018? 

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The Commonwealth Games 2018 will kick start in Queensland with the opening ceremony on Wednesday and the event has become the biggest security event ever for the host city. A large number of soldiers and troops, along with fighter jets and drone weapons are a part of the arsenal for the security forces deployed to protect the athletes and the public.

The Grand Commonwealth Games 2018 Opening ‘Security’ Event

More than 670,000 people are expected to attend the Commonwealth Games 2018 opening ceremony, according to the event organisers. The authorities have beefed up the security measures to ensure a safe and peaceful event for the athletes as well as the public.

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A few days ago, the arrest of nine people from India at the Brisbane Airport, posing as sports journalists and smuggling people ringed the security alarm bells. Although the arrested people posed no direct threat to the Commonwealth Games 2018, but the authorities still decided to tighten the security. The Police Service of Queensland has increased its presence across the 4 cities for the Games, with 3700 officers deployed across these cities. Additionally, around three thousand police officers will be stationed in the Gold Coast area. The police forces and the Defence Forces of Australia also showcased the FA-18 Fighter Jets flying over the Commonwealth Games 2018 cities. The authorities say that the public needs to be ‘vigilant but not concerned’.

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Protective Security Zones for the Commonwealth Games 2018

Heavy security protective zones have been built across the twenty-three venues for the Commonwealth games 2018. These zones allow for easy detaining, searching and moving on for the people. The Chairman of the Games stated that people must understand that their measures are for the better and the safety of the public and there is no need for concern over these tight and heavy security forces.

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