Chinese State Media Blasts Trump For Driving A Wedge Between India & China

Washington knows that the combined strength of China and India could undermine American interests in Asia and opportunist US has never given up its attempt to drive a wedge between Beijing and New Delhi, writes the Global Times.

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GT took a dig at US President Donald Trump saying that Trump finally knows that China and India, the two largest Asian powers, share borders. This is about a book called A Very Stable Genius that revealed that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was shocked and concerned when Trump told him India and China did not share a border.

Recently US President Donald Trump offered to mediate between India and China in resolving the border standoff between two nations an offer overlooked by both the nations. India said it is engaged with China at the diplomatic and military levels to end a border standoff and tacitly ruled out any possibility of US mediation.

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As earlier reported by EurAsian Times, India deployed troops along the line of actual control (LAC) after it was reported that China had pitched tents and stationed soldiers near river Galwan, which was also the 1962 flashpoint between two nations.

India had also turned down Trump’s offer to “help” and “mediate” between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, an issue New Delhi stressed can only be discussed bilaterally.

GT writes that India perhaps has been aware of the US’ bad history of mediation in which Washington created troubles rather than solving problems and  turned bilateral disputes into multilateral ones.”

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GT further notes that the US mediation in Japan-South Korea trade disputes and the Israel-Palestine conflicts have further complicated the situations. Deaths and casualties from the two fighting sides keep increasing.

New Delhi said that it was engaging with Beijing to “peacefully resolve” the build-up along the Line of Actual Control by Indian and Chinese armies. “Our troops have taken a very responsible approach towards border management and strictly followed protocols. They scrupulously follow the guidance provided by our leadership.

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Two years back, New Delhi and Beijing stood at crossroads because of the Doklam standoff. The issue was resolved with mutual cooperation between New Delhi and Beijing which led to both the countries withdrawing its troops from the region, says the GT report.

“Indian experts also believe that the special representatives’ talks on the boundary question between India and China constitute an important channel of communication, and should continue in order to mitigate border standoffs and other hot issues.”

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It is adequately clear that neither China nor India have shown any interest in US President Trump’s offer to mediate. Both the neighbouring countries plan to solve the issue bilaterally without involving any foreign powers.