China Using Hi-Tech Drones To Supply Critical Equipment To PLA Troops Stationed Along India-China Border

As India and China have agreed to a five-point agenda, there have been reports that the PLA has deployed high-tech drones to ferry its cargo over vast distances in its Tibetan border with India.

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These drones are being used to rapidly provide logistics solutions to the PLA troops in the field, operating in areas that are either inaccessible by roads or where the provision of supplies by road would be high risk.

In a new video released by the China Central Television, PLA ground forces troops were seen to transport hot food to its forward posts via vehicles and loaded them onto UAVs where the terrain was harsh, in “care packages” containing food, medicines, and water.

According to a military expert and TV commentator Song Zhongping, logistics such as those on display in the drill are key for soldiers’ performance in military conflicts, and logistics support can be very difficult in complex plateau areas, reported Global Times.

“Drones can be employed to quickly make delivery at designated points, improving the PLA’s combat effectiveness,” Song added.

The reports also suggest that the drones did not land at the site but rather dropped the supplies over a designated area. However, no details were provided about the designation or the performance of these drones.

Drone Delivery Drill Amid Reports of China-India Disengagement

PRC is the largest drone manufacturer in the world and maintains the largest fleet of military drones- from surveillance drones to hypersonic combat UCAVs. These UAVs may provide the PLA with a massive operational logistics capability which is essential in warfare.

Supplies can be made to forward posts with lesser risks and in huge numbers by increasing the number of sorties or using swarms.

Song also said that the video also showed that China is preparing for further potential military conflicts while continuing to engage in military and diplomatic negotiations with India.

The drills are seen to be conducted in the Tibetan terrain, a place where China shares a large boundary with India and is stuck in a brawl with Indian troops – which has resulted in the deaths of 20 Indian and an unconfirmed number of Chinese troops.