Chinese PLA Is Now Inviting Civilians To Get Ideas For Innovation In Military Technology

As China is diplomatically and militarily entangled with almost half of its neighbors, the PLA has decided to introduce a monthly one-day event to get advice from the civilian industrial experts, the Chinese government informed on Sunday.

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“The Chinese military has introduced a monthly one-day event to hear suggestions from the civilian sector concerning military technological innovation,” the Science and Technology Commission (STC) of the Central Military Commission has said.


The exclusion of civilian minds and innovation from militaristic technologies has created a gap between these two institutions. In order to fill such a critical vacuum, governments of most countries have taken steps to ensure civilian engineering and industrial participation in the joint development of military hardware and software.

The first such event was held on Saturday, gathering 44 participants from universities, research institutes and high-tech firms, the STC said. According to the press release, 755 scientific research teams have signed up and submitted national defense innovation ideas since the STC released the monthly event schedule in July.