Chinese H-6K Bombers Training To Attack US Base in Guam?

Experts in Washington claim that Chinese H-6K Bombers are training to attack key US bases, including Guam, which will trigger a US-China War. The US feels that China’s training of the H-6K bombers is meant to demonstrate China’s capabilities to strike the key US targets, including bases in the disputed South China Sea. 

As reported by South China Morning Post, the military base in Guam and other bases of the US and allied forces could be targeted by the Chinese bombers in case of a war. A new report from Pentagon suggests that Chinese bombers are likely training for strikes on US targets in the Pacific. The report was about the transformation of the Chinese ground forces in a bid to fight its enemies and win over them.
The annual report of the Pentagon was published on Thursday which underlines the increasing military, diplomatic and economic clout of Beijing. The report also highlights the fact that China is looking to rapidly increase its international and regional influence. China wants to emerge itself as a dominant regional force which is invincible.
China’s air power is also is escalating and Beijing is already conducting training of its J-16 advanced fighter jets which now seem combat ready. Training of the H-6K bombers is also being looked as a demonstration of their might.
In 2017, six HK bombers flew through the Miyako Strait in the southwest of the Japanese islands. China has been escalating its military and air force presence in the region which has been raising a lot of eyebrows.