China, Turkey Support Pakistan’s Stance On Resolution Of Kashmir Dispute

After the US President offered to mediate on the Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan, China and Turkey reaffirmed their support to seek a peaceful resolution to the even-lasting Kashmir issue. China especially backed Donald Trump’s recent offer of mediation between Pakistan and India over the Kashmir dispute.

India Endorses, Pakistan Rejects Middle-East Peace Plan Between Israel & Palestine

“We support the international community, the US included, in playing a constructive role in improving Pakistan-India relations through dialogue,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said in a statement issued in Beijing.

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“We hope the two countries can peacefully settle the Kashmir issue and other bilateral disputes through dialogue, and make concerted efforts to safeguard peace and stability in South Asia,” she added.

India Endorses, Pakistan Rejects Middle-East Peace Plan Between Israel & Palestine

Likewise, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also called PM Khan to discuss bilateral relations as well as developments in the region, including Jammu and Kashmir and ongoing efforts for the Afghan peace process.

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The support by China and Turkey is seen as a major morale-booster for Pakistan after Donald Trump mentioned the K-word on the global stage and offered to mediate. Many see this as a great PR victory for Islamabad.

Imran Khan was invited to Washington to mainly sort-out the Afghan mess but Trump’s unprecedented statement offering mediation on the Kashmir dispute became the most talked-about point and even overshadowing the Afghan Peace Talks.

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The icing on the cake for Pakistani netizens and media came when Trump announced that Indian PM Narendra Modi requested him to mediate between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, a claim outrightly rejected by New Delhi.