China Set To Remove Single Child Policy, As Youths Dwindle

Why is China Set To Remove Single Child Policy? China, the world’s most populated country, seems to be setting the stage to end its decades-long system of defining the number of children that couples can have, a social media post by a state-run newspaper suggested.

All content on family planning has been abandoned in a draft civil code being deliberated by top lawmakers on Monday, the Procuratorate Daily wrote in a post on its Weibo account.

China has relaxed its family planning policy as its population grows old, birth rates dwindle and its manpower diminishes. In 2016, the government allowed couples in urban areas to have two children, replacing a one-child policy imposed since 1979.

The draft civil code also comprises a one-month “cooling off” period in which couples filing for divorce can withdraw their case. Amendments to the draft civil code will be submitted to China’s annual parliamentary meeting in March 2020.

Speculation that China may ease its two-child policy was sparked when China Post revealed the design of a stamp for release next year that features a family of two pigs and three cheerful piglets. Debate on the policy was further stoked after two Chinese researchers proposed forcing couples with fewer than two children to pay into a “procreation fund”, an idea that was widely criticized.

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