China, Russia Keen on Progressive Relations Gets India Concerned

Russia and China have common interests to make the global trade system more controlled, clear and less subjected to unilateral fancies of any state, says Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. He also said Russia’s friendship with China is not directed against any ‘third state’. Both countries have in fact drawn closer following US trade sanctions, and this hasn’t worried Washington, not even a bit.

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However, Russia and China’s close relationship has India concerned. According to expert analysis, New Delhi has for decades relied on Russia to help balance China and Pakistan. Now, its deeply concerned that Moscow is falling under Beijing’s sway. Experts state that India needs a reconciliation between the West and Russia to squeeze China’s strategic space.

The Russian Foreign Minister said Moscow and China are friends “because we are neighbours and because we have common interests, because we are strategic partners in international affairs and we because we share stance that its important to make the world more stable, secure and democratic.”

A recent study by the National Bureau of Asian Research has blamed the US policy for driving Russia and China closer. The US has also noted that China has become Russia’s biggest single trade partner, a loss for the states. Reports further highlights the two countries as being complementary to each other.

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