China ‘Really Upset’ Over Repeated Use Of ‘Debt-Trap’ Propaganda By The West

The Chinese government is reportedly upset by the Western propaganda of Beijing’s debt-trap policy. A spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Lu Kang condemned the reported statement of the World Bank’s President that the Chinese loans are a cause of concern for any country.

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China’s mutually beneficial cooperation with other countries under the Belt and Road, particularly in the context of Africa has nothing to do with the debt burden.

The spokesperson said at a regular news briefing, initiative, including that with African countries is carried out following the principle of openness and transparency and on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit through friendly consultation.

As to whether such cooperation will add debt burdens for the partners, the Foreign Ministry already took similar questions on many occasions earlier.

Lu Kang said, he wondered whether the relevant party is able to provide any solid evidence proving that the debt crisis in any country is attributed to its cooperation with China?

“But no such evidence has been offered to us so far. On the contrary, on this podium, we have come forward with solid evidence that slapped back the doubts of relevant parties and proved that the debts in the countries they identified are not caused by their cooperation with China at all.

Instead, the debts incurred because some other countries caused a bigger proportion of their debts,” he added.

About the recent political development in Sudan, the spokesperson said, China’s position is very clear on it. We are committed to non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs.

We believe that the Sudanese side is capable of managing its own internal affairs and ensuring its national peace and stability.

As to the Chinese investment and other interests in Sudan, he pointed out that, over the years, the bilateral relations between China and Sudan have enjoyed sound development and our mutually-beneficial cooperation has delivered benefits to both peoples. We share a deep friendship.

No matter how the situation may evolve in Sudan, we will remain committed to upholding and developing friendly and cooperative ties.

To a question about China and Malaysia, Lu Kang said they are neighbours that enjoy traditional friendship and important partners for cooperation. Both sides attach great importance to such friendship and cooperation.

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The governments of Malaysia and China, as well as the companies involved, have been in close communication for the relevant project. We are glad that after friendly consultations, the two sides have reached a solution. We hope the construction of the project can be resumed at an early date for more win-win outcomes.

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To a question about the South China Sea, the spokesperson said it is itself a peaceful place. Countries in the region have been working together to safeguard regional peace and stability by resolving or managing disagreements through friendly consultation and coordination between countries directly concerned.

We hope non-regional states will refrain from stirring up trouble in the calm waters of the South China Sea, he added.

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