China Keen To Extend Cooperation with Pakistan To Boost OBOR Project

China is willing to extend cooperation with Pakistan to strengthen Chinese  One Belt and One Road (OBOR) Project. China will encourage extensive cooperation with Pakistan, particularly in sharing its experiences, said the Chinese Ambassador at National University of Sciences and Technology.

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During an event, China’s Ambassador Yao Jing praised National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) for arranging the event and a meeting of alumni from Chinese higher education institutions.

The Chinese Studies Centre (CSC) at NUST School of Social Sciences and Humanities (S3H) in collaboration with the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad had arranged a photographic exhibition of China in the University campus. The photos depicted China’s progress over the past four decades of reforms and the open door policy to the outside world.

Jing remembered his long association with NUST and shared his desire to promote closer linkages in order to fulfil the objectives of the One Belt and One Road (OBOR).

He talked about the willingness of the Chinese government to promote extensive cooperation with Pakistan, particularly in sharing its experiences in setting up prosperous special economic zones, industrialisation, agriculture uplift and social sector to include poverty alleviation, health, higher education and vocational/training sectors in addition to existing cooperation to improve Pakistan’s infrastructure.

Naweed Zaman, NUST Rector Lt Gen (retired) embraced the Chinese Ambassador and conversed sincerely about the friendly relations between Pakistan and China. In relation to bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the higher education sector, Lt Gen Zaman said that “Over the past few years, NUST had acted on plans and initiatives in partnership with Chinese higher education institutions to secure opportunities from the OBOR initiative and CPEC”.

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