Should India Fear the Rejuvenation In China-Japan Relations?

The newly found sweet spot in China-Japan Relations would surely exasperate India. As Japan-China plans cooperation in infrastructure projects, Japan’s close aid, India might be gasping anxiously? India-Japan ties have always been cordial and there exists a close security cooperation between India and Japan. As reported by the Global Times, the government in Japan is changing its attitude towards the Chinese BRI Project (Belt and Road Initiative). 

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The Japanese government aims to encourage the private enterprises in Japan to pursue cooperation in infrastructure projects with the Chinese counterparts. The relations between Tokyo and Beijing have been cold since 2012 over territorial disputes. However, this new friendship over infrastructural projects can make things warm between the two nations. With India and China being frictional on most issues, India would surely mind losing a strategic friend to China.

The New Saga of China-Japan Relations

This can be seen as a great opportunity for the two Asian superpowers to resolve deep-seated differences. Both nations are somewhere convinced that they should see each other as strategic partners rather than enemies.

The two nations have been vigorously competing for infrastructure projects in Asia. Now if China and Japan can establish cooperation over the Belt and Road Initiative, then both nations get power and control over the continent.  If this cooperation goes well then it could lead to revamped China-Japan ties and a complete shift in Japan’s pro-US policies.

China-Japan Relations Worry for India?

India enjoys a robust and reliable security cooperation with Japan. Japan is one of India’s strongest allies not just in the Asian subcontinent but across the globe. Conflicts with China have been a common factor in bringing India and Japan closer. Now if China-Japan Relationship is to realign for the better, then India would surely be apprehensive.

Japan is an Asian superpower and strong Japan-India relationship is vital for New Delhi’s interest. India already feels that China has hampered India’s interests by building a massive infrastructure cooperation with Pakistan through CPEC. Now if Tokyo too gets inclined towards Beijing, then New Delhi has a lot to rethink about.

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