China Dodging The US By Using Iranian Ships For Oil Shipments From Tehran?

Reports suggest that China is dodging the US by using Iranian Ships for importing oil from Iran. The US has earlier announced that if China does not cease importing oil from Iran then it will be liable to secondary US sanctions. To avoid US sanctions, China has reportedly started using Iranian ships for importing Iranian crude oil to its refineries.

By quoting anonymous sources, Reuters reported that that Chinese buyers are using the ships of the National Iranian Tanker Company (NICT) for all its imports. This way China aims to keep oil supplies flowing despite the US’ plans to reimpose sanctions on Iran and demands to cease oil exports from Iran.

After pulling back from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (Iran Nuclear Deal 2015), the US had asked all nations to cease all oil imports from Iran by November. The US vows to bring Iran’s oil exports to zero.

China is the leading importer of Iranian oil and it has also stood by Iran to condemn the US action of pulling back from the Iran Nuclear Deal. Russia and other nations also condemned the US actions calling it unjust.

The Indian media too reported last month that Iran had offered to provide ships as well as insurance cover for oil shipments to India. India too is one of the leading importers of Iranian oil and this year Iran replaced Saudi Arabia to be the second largest exporter of crude oil to India.

India has been in a tough spot to choose between Iran and the US. Iran has been a strategic ally of Delhi and has been caught off guard by US’ demands of suspending all trade ties with Tehran.

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