China Has A Pattern Of Instigation Border Disputes – US On India-China Clash

Amid India-China border clash and intense standoff, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed China of taking “incredibly aggressive action” along the LAC, saying Beijing had a pattern of instigating territorial disputes.

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As earlier reported by the EurAsian Times, Chinese PLA troops and Indian soldiers engaged in savagery clash fought with rods and clubs, a fearsome escalation that left 20 Indian soldiers dead, with some plunging to their deaths in the freezing waters of the Galwan river. China never confirmed the casualties on its side.

“The Chinese took incredibly aggressive action. The Indians have done their best to respond to that,” Pompeo said in a news conference at the State Department. “I’d put this in the context of General-Secretary Xi Jinping and his behaviour throughout the region, and indeed, throughout the world.”

There have been reports of withdrawal by Indian and Chinese soldiers from Galwan valley by a few kilometres, however, it is the Pangong Tso Lake area where India and Chinese troops are still engaged in a bitter standoff.

As the peace talks between India and China are being held, there are reports that the Chinese PLA soldiers have not withdrawn from Pangong Tso Lake Area.

As per experts – as far as the Pangong Tso Lake area is concerned, there has been no significant gesture by the Chinese troops. Earlier, Chinese soldiers moved from Finger 4 towards Finger 5, but it was not really significant. Pangong Tso is likely to remain a contentious issue between India and China, experts have warned.