China Deploys ‘Iron Man’ In Exoskeleton Suits To Retrieve Moon Samples From Chang’e-5 Capsule

China deployed an ‘Iron Man’ to retrieve lunar samples from the Chang’e-5 capsule that landed in Inner Mongolia on Thursday. Earlier, Chinese soldiers wearing ‘exoskeleton’ suits patrolled a high-altitude area near the LAC, where Indian and Chinese troops have been locked in a standoff for the past seven months.  

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China has successfully conducted its Chang’e-5 lunar mission, bringing back samples from the moon. After the capsule arrived in the early hours of Thursday, a team from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASIC) reached the landing site to set up a temporary communication base to connect with the headquarters in Beijing.

According to the state-owned Global Times, two people on the search and recovery team wore the exoskeleton suits. They planted a Chinese national flag right next to the re-entry capsule. The exoskeleton suits allowed team members to establish emergency communication, searchlight, and electricity supply systems in the area surrounding the re-entry capsule, to ensure fast, safe, and highly efficient execution of the search and recovery work.

Via China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp (CASIC)

One of the persons wearing the exoskeleton suit carried a 50 kilograms pack through the rough terrain, with the freezing temperature that often falls below minus 30 degrees Celsius. He told SCMP that he would have gotten exhausted after walking 20 or 30 meters but with the help of the exoskeleton managed to walk 100 meters or more. 

An exoskeleton suit helps a person in carrying heavy objects, increasing his/her performance in high altitude regions, GT report said. 

Earlier, EurAsian Times has reported that China has joined the US and Russia in the race of producing powered armor or exoskeleton suits. The reports of China testing these suits had first emerged in September and then again in November. In a video clip released by the China Central Television 7 (CCTV 7), the People’s Liberation Army troops at the country’s Wuxi Joint Logistic Support Centre could be seen using powered exoskeletons to carry 80 kg (175 pound) crates.

The GT report revealed that laboratories across the country are producing all kinds of exoskeleton suits, be it powered or non-powered, rigid or flexible, lower-body only or full-body.

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