China Assures “Armed Drones Deal With Pakistan” Not Against India

Has the drone deal between China and Pakistan enraged India, especially the vociferous India Media? According to Global Times (GT), Indian media outlets connected the drone deal with India’s S-400 pact that India inked with Russia. GT accuses Times of India of making a useless judgment that this would create a new battle line between India and Pakistan in the field of armed drones.

China’s Wing-Loong II drone can perform reconnaissance, surveillance and ground strike missions, equivalent to the US MQ-9 Reaper drone. With a system extension, it can be used in anti-terrorism, peacekeeping, border patrol operations and civilian use.

GT explains that Beijing has been careful about arms exports to Pakistan in consideration of the latter’s tense relations with India. The armed drones are highly likely to be part of Beijing’s attempts to help Pakistan combat the rampant terrorism plaguing the nation, rather than targeting India.

Although Islamabad has been a key US ally in the anti-terrorism campaign since the 9/11 attacks, its demands for drones have been turned down by Washington for the reason of sensitive technology. In 2017 Pakistan witnessed the fourth highest frequency of terror attacks and casualties,  yet the US cancelled $300 million in aid to Islamabad over terror financings, states the Chinese Media.

India has been the world’s biggest arms importer from 2013-17, with Russia and the US being its top two suppliers, according to an annual study by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Combating terrorism is a priority for Pakistan, but it is also a big concern for India. While the Chinese drones help Pakistan rein in terrorism and improve its security situation in the future, they will also benefit India to some degree. GT advises Indian media to see the bright side more and stop feeling they are always being targeted by others.

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