Chengdu J-20 Vs F-35: China Claims News Batch of J-20’s Far Superior to F-35’s

F-35 vs Chengdu J-20 has been a key point of debate in China. Both American F-35 and J-20 are competing against each other in terms of cost, range, payload and stealth technology. Both the fighter jets serve a different purpose with respect to internal and external security of their respective countries. But is  Chengdu J-20 superior to American F-35, as Beijing claims?

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America’s fighter jet F-35 is known for its ability to collect, analyse and share data to enhance a nation’s military capabilities. It is equipped with stealth capability that makes it extremely difficult to detect. The aircraft is well equipped with the advanced weapon system.

China’s fifth-generation Chengdu J-20 is in service under china’s people liberation army air force. It is built in China. The range and weapons payload of Chengdu J-20 is considered to be better than the American F-35 by Chinese experts. Apart from this, Chengdu J-20 can detect stealth aircraft and guide anti-aircraft missiles.

The Chengdu J-20 development program started in the late 1990s. Chengdu J-20 believed to be the most advanced fighter jet, first revealed in 2011. The official announcement with respect to combat ready J-20 came in October 2017.

American F-35 was introduced on Dec 15, 2006. The F-35 programme costs millions of dollar while China’s Chengdu J-20 is cheaper. America’s Fighter Jet F-35 is a single seat, single engine aircraft equipped with the synthetic aperture radar integration technique supported with the advanced target recognition. On the other hand, Chengdu J-20 is single-seat aircraft with two engines. “It has a long range in comparison to F-35. And also more fuel efficient” as per reports.

America’s F-35 is designed to perform a ground attack and air defence missions. It is available for sale in the global market while Chinese Chengdu J-20 is not available for global sale because the purpose behind the production of the fighter jet is to work for internal security rather than maintaining global relations. But as per reports in Chinese state media, the Chengdu J-20 is far superior to white-elephant F-35 and much more efficient.

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