Chemical Attacks in Syria: Over 70 People Killed in Douma, East Ghouta

Who is behind the Chemical Attacks in Syria? Doctors and Rescue Workers in Syria have reported that Chemical Attacks in Syria which happened in  Douma – the last rebel-controlled city in East Ghouta, Syria may have claimed up-to  70 lives.

The volunteer organization “White Helmets” published pictures of human bodies in the basement. According to them, the number of those killed can further escalate. There is no confirmation of this information from independent sources, while Syrian authorities reported the news about the chemical attack as absolutely fabricated.

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At the same time, the US State Department has already declared that it is following closely the news of the possible use of chemical weapons and if that is confirmed, then Russia, which supports the Syrian Gov, must bear the charge.

However, the chief of the Russian Center for the reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria, Major-General Yury Yevtushenko categorically repudiated the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Army against in Douma, East Ghouta.

“We strongly deny these charges and declare our willingness after the liberation of the city to instantly send Russian experts to collect data that will confirm the fabricated nature of these allegations,” Major-General Yury Yevtushenko

The day before the incident, the Russian authorities claimed that members of the Al-Nusra organization were preparing to attack in the areas under their control using chlorine. Earlier, a similar statement was made by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The TASS agency also reported, referring to the Syrian military source, about the supposed “using poisonous substances” aimed at “fabricating allegations against the Syrian army.”

Chemical Attacks in Syria: What Do We Know?

A chemical attack in the city of the Douma was reported by various monitoring and medical groups working in Syria, but they all give different information about the victims, and in general, their reports do not give a complete picture of what happened.

Backing the Syrian rebels, other organizations claimed that the attack from suffocation killed 75 people, and over 1000 people were injured. The reason for the incident was called a bomb dropped from a helicopter and allegedly containing nerve gas sarin.

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UOSSM – a US-based charity that works with Syrian hospitals – confirmed the deaths of 70 people. They also said that according to reports from the site of the alleged attack, there could be significantly more losses – but it was not possible to reach the bodies at night due to poor visibility and endless shelling.

The Syrian state news agency SANA, in turn, stated that reports of a chemical attack were concocted by the rebels who are aware of the inevitability of their downfall and are trying to impede the government troops.

Chemical Attacks in Syria: Were Chemical Weapons Used in Syria Before?

In August 2013, rockets containing nerve gas sarin were launched in the positions of insurgents in East Ghouta where hundreds of people died. The UN Commission confirmed that the victims of that attack died precisely from sarin, but failed to identify those responsible for the attack.

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The US, along with allies blamed the Syrian Government for the chemical attack, stating that no one else had the technical ability conduct such an attack. In April 2017, more than 80 people were killed as a result of a chemical attack with the use of sarin in the rebel-controlled city of Khan-Shaykhun. A joint investigation by the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), recognized the Assad led Syrian Government to be responsible for the chemical attack.