Nuked by North Korea or It’s Wildfire in California?

The California Wildfire seems to have gone out of hand as a fifth one has erupted. Around 200,000 people have been forced to flee their homes and even the city due to deadly flames of wildfires rampaging through California. The firefighters on Thursday raced to tackle another new blaze. The number of evacuees has almost quadrupled due to a fifth fire breakout.

California Wildfire: In-Depth

Fire crews are struggling to contain the California Wildfire blaze which is being fanned by the region’s Santa Ana winds, which could yet reach hurricane force. According to CAL Fire agency, the situation is likely to get exacerbated throughout the weekend due to hot, dry winds coming in from the California desert.

Hundreds of home have been destroyed by the rampaging fire blaze created by California Wildfire while bringing the commercial operations to an abrupt halt. Flames spread furiously over highways and railroad tracks, and residents were forced to rush to evacuate their homes with only minutes warning.

The Lilac Fire, spread over North of San Diego, grew from 10 acres to 2,500 acres in just a few hours on Thursday, according to fire crew. This compelled for a quick announcement of the state of emergency for San Diego County by Jerry Brown, Governor of California.

The California Wildfire blaze has already destroyed 20 structures and prompted for quick evacuations within minutes. Various Propane tanks under several houses exploded due to the surrounding heat of the wildfire.

Even the spraying of huge bucketloads of water by the firefighters and helicopters proved to be anything less than potent against the hellish backdrop of flaming mountains and walls of smoke caused by California Wildfire.

A dead female body has been reported so far due to California Wildfire although authorities said they could not yet be sure whether the female body found in a car in Ventura County was the result of an accident or the fire.

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