Bureaucrats From China, Japan Pledge To Build Stable Friendly Relations

The Bureaucrats from China and Japan had an in-depth exchange of views on bilateral relations at an event held in Osaka, calling for sound and stable development of relations between the two countries.

China and Japan are important neighbours to each other, said Chinese Ambassador Cheng Yonghua at the third China-Japan friendly exchange conference of West Japan held by the Chinese Consulate General in Osaka.

Cheng said the long-term, sound and stable development of bilateral ties is in line with the fundamental interests of the two peoples and is also the common expectation of the region and the international community.

He called on all sectors of the society to build consensus and did practical things to expand practical cooperation and people-to-people exchanges, especially among the youth.

Chinese consul-general in Osaka, Li Tianran said that by hosting a series of exchange activities, the consulate general will help promote the development of China-Japan relations into a new stage, and expects all sectors to strengthen cooperation and deepen regional exchanges between the two countries.

At the conference joined by more than 600 representatives from both sides, Japanese participants also called for seizing the opportunity to further safeguard and develop friendly bilateral relations.

Fumihiro Kawamika, Japanese consul-general in China’s Shenyang, and Deputy Governor of Tokushima Prefecture Dahiroshi Gotou reviewed the development of China-Japan relations based on their own experiences, saying that the exchanges between the two countries play an important role in the development of Asia and the world.

They concluded by saying that the two countries are anticipating greater development of bilateral relations in the future.

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